Everyone thought it had been impulsive when the small school child who completed all her homework just to observe “Kal ho and ho” decided to be an actor. Shivani Desai incorporates a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies from the National University of Singapore and film acting training from London’s famed Met Film School. She is one among those whose life was changed by the pandemic when she discovered self-taping. She is her own manager as well as hair stylist, and the freedom she gains from this adds to her strong personality. Shivani has appeared in several short films, music videos, and other projects. At the age of 16, I decided to pursue a career as an actor. Growing up as a student was a challenge for me because being artistic is usually overlooked during this aggressive educational system, but I remember how comfortable I felt in my drama club. once I told my parents that I wanted to pursue acting as a career, they were hesitant to support me initially because that they had experienced the difficulties of life as immigrants and did not want me to own to travel through it. However, after considering my academic achievements, they finally got agreed. And now it has been three years since I graduated, and I am elated. Industry was hit hard by the pandemic, many were losing jobs, and theaters were cleaned up. The matter I faced was the insufficient I knew about the industry had become obsolete because the industry was changing due to the pandemic. Earlier people wanted to head to the studios to provide auditions but after the pandemic, they would to self-tape themselves and send. After self-taping for over a year for auditions, I appreciate where I am now. I love the liberty one gets; you get to create your own interpretation of the script and you do not feel the pressure of giving it in one take, you will be able to bed as persistently you wish. I once worked on a brief film that began filming at 6pm and was slated to conclude by 11pm. Near 10.45 pm I checked my phone and realized lots of labor was remaining and eventually bound up at 3 am. Although I used to be hungry and exhausted, my heart was full, and that I was happy.