Neha Saraf, the essence of Soul light Healing, explains how healing is not about avoiding the storm; it is about how you ride it. She provides an area for you to be yourself stupidly about anything- Soul light Healing– to all or any of your unspoken ideas and complications. 
Severe anxiety comes from deep-rooted fear and happens once we get deviated from this and begin fearing things that have not taken place truly. I exploit Consultation and Bach flowers remedies with guided meditation which helps them to attach with themselves within the present. I also provide oil blends for the foundation causes. Aromatherapy, Bach flowers, and guided meditations all combine to assist in the startup of severe anxiety and sleep disorders.


Breathing exercises work best to quiet down anxiety. Gazing at visible light and writing skills are several opposite techniques I take advantage of. I often recommend Bach flowers to my female clients, as they add a span of half an hour. EFT, that's Emotional Freedom Techniques works all right on children. I have used those techniques on people rummaging severe childhood trauma and mental disorder.                                                    

Bach flower remedies work on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels and people's changes reflect on our physical level. It supports the law of attraction. the items which we would like to alter outside, we attempt to fix within and attract the identical. 

Bach flowers are suitable for each quite issue and might be taken by people of any age. the sole message is to possess Faith. Healing will happen once we shift our doubtful thoughts to thoughts filled with faith.