“Babu Moshay…Zindagi bade Honi Chahine, limbi Nahi,” – this line has been over a mere Bollywood dialogue, with thousands of noble souls making it their life’s motto. Jay Kabir, the previous monk and therefore the twice TEDx speaker is one in all of them. Jay Kabir stands out as a plan to all or any of those whose misery prevents them from seeing a stronger tomorrow. 

While I used to be healing from a traumatic childhood and overcoming social and economic challenges, I committed to myself that if I used to be ready to overcome these challenges, I might ensure nobody else had to face the identical which if they did, their journey wouldn't be as lonely and arduous as mine, but rather one in all guidance, care, and support. As I noticed that I had begun to transcend my troubles and enter deep inner states of meditation, I started sharing the systems and tools I used and invented to heal myself and build communities of care and compassion for those seeking healing, growth, and transformation. The primary challenge was persuading my parents to let me follow this path after I was 23 and in my third year of graduate school at National Law University. Our conversations were initially tense, but as I developed confidence in my path and strengthened my communication and influence skills, I used to be able to persuade them amorously and charmingly. Since then, I have had their unwavering support and they are now the proudest parents I have ever seen. The second was handling society’s judgments on how the dearth of formal schooling equaled disaster. However, the spiritual experts who surrounded me gave me enough wisdom to beat them. In short, everything within the past, even this life, has brought you to this moment and where you are now. What makes your journey so much different from everyone else’s? The rationale is your karmic structure, the buildup of the content of your actions and consciousness over many lifetimes. after you are on the spiritual path, your job is to interrupt the patterns of your past lives rather than investigating them so you will be able to create a life that is free from the past and completely new that you would like to travel deep into meditative practices.