C-reactive protein (CRP) is a blood marker for inflammation produced by the liver. A simple blood test measures the level of CRP in your body. The test helps diagnose acute and chronic conditions that lead to inflammation in the body. In this article, you will learn about the normal range of CRP, CRP levels in COVID-19 patients and ways to control your CRP levels.

Ways to Reduce CRP Levels

With certain modifications in your diet and lifestyle, you can control your CRP levels. Certain steps that you can take to reduce your CRP levels are

Weight loss: According to a study, decreasing the total body weight and fat mass by 5% can cause an effective decrease in the CRP levels.

Optimistic approach: According to a study, having a negative mindset leads to increased CRP levels.

Exercise: Daily exercise and an active lifestyle are essential to maintain an optimum level of CRP.

Treat the underlying cause: To decrease the level of CRP, you need to target and treat the underlying disorder responsible for the elevated levels of CRP.

Diet: Including food items like apples, bananas, avocados, beans, broccoli, sprouts, legumes, strawberry, pear, and whole grains can help manage CRP levels.

Supplements and medicines can also reduce crp test normal range in your blood. These should be taken only when prescribed by a registered medical doctor.