The Carl Zeiss is an optical lens which was invented by Carl Zeiss, who is an optician and a German Industrialist, who gained the worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of fine optical instruments, industrial measurement, and medical devices. He opened the workshop named as ZEISS in the year 1846 in Jena for producing microscopes and other optical instruments. Nokia and Zeiss have been in a partnership for a very long time. There are several Nokia phones of Nokia which have Carl Zeiss Optics included in it. But this optics feature does not help Nokia from its downfall.

As Nokia is now in the hands of HMD Global, we are seeing many significant changes in the latest Android Smartphone’s of Nokia. HMD Global has brought Zeiss Optics back to the Nokia Smartphone’s to provide the DSLR Quality Camera Phone experience to the Nokia users. The Zeiss lens of the latest Nokia Smartphone’s have overpowered the Sony lens, but at one time these lenses were rivals, stating as Carl Zeiss Lens vs Sony Lens.